CHiPs Auditions Fall 2012!!

Auditions are coming up soon! They are a ton of fun, and we would love to have you come try out. Basically what we will have you do is perform a short improv scene with another person auditioning, based off a suggestion we will give you. So come try out, meet likeminded funny people, and watch everyones scenes together!

Any sort of previous experience is fantastic, but no improv experience is required. A bit more about our audition process is in our “ABOUT” page on the website.

Wed. August 29th, 2012


Union Rm 3205

with callbacks on thursday and friday of that week!

Hope to see you there!

go get em champ, and eat your vegetables before you can be excused from the dinner table.



Note for INCS (Disregard if you dont know what this means): INCs will primarily audition on that friday.