Final CHiPs Callbacks! Friday August 31st – 8pm – CDA 104

Guys, you were wonderful tonight. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and ability to work and play with us. Once again, if you aren’t on this list, please continue to try out in future semesters! We are currently planning community improv workshops for the future for the general public that everyone can be a part of.

CHiPs would like to see the following people at Final CHiPs INCs Callbacks on Friday August 31st, in the Center For Dramatic Art, Room 104, at 8pm:

Jason Wolonick

Jonathan Hebert

Mollie Wilson

Andrew Crabtree

Mitch Dare

Caroline Easom

Kenan Bateman

Jessica Sorgi

Mike Edwards

Jackie O’Shaughnessy

Lindsay Franco

Anna Flynn

Maggie Nations

We are so excited to see you guys for final callbacks!!!

(p.s. The Center For Dramatic Art is next to Cobb Dorm)