Tonight was awesome.  It was so UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME.  After finishing auditions, I was awestruck of the auditionees, INCs and my fellow CHiPs.  You all are a really talented bunch.  Deciding who got into what was a really difficult process.  Our deliberations took long until after midnight.  In the end, we just couldn’t accept everybody.  We’re really excited to welcome those who made it, and hope to see those who didn’t make it this time at jams, shows and auditions in the future.

Congratulations to our new INCs:

  1. David Freifeld
  2. Isabelle Dewitt
  3. Anna Flynn
  4. Shand Thomas 
  5. Andrew Crabtree

And introducing the newest CHiPs of 2013:

  1. Mike Edwards
  2. Johnathan Hebert

This evening, you all blew these auditions out of the water.  This evening, you all created something special and funny that will never happen again.  And that deserves a big pat on the back.  



Oh, and a special shout-out goes to Peter Maynard for his A+ in effort throughout the evening