Alumni Players

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Ali “A. Fish” Fischer

Ali Fischer

Bio: Ali Fischer’s favorite pass time is creating word documents for those who are unable to come in contact with any sort of metals. She currently runs “WORDS-FOR-STEAK”, an on campus typing service. Her favorite food is a steak, preferably one roughly the size of a Miles’ head.

Allen “@” Tedder

Allen Tedder

Bio: Allen Tedder is much like any other human being: he plays banjo, cross country skis, and considers himself a cake artist. At UNC, Allen is studying: acting for the stage, acting for film, and microbiology. In his free time, he avidly enjoys lists of three that include: a colon, one thing that is not true, and two things that are true.

Alex Whittington

Member: 2007-2010

Bio: Alex Whittington divides his time between wanderlust pilgrimages to foreign countries and pursuing a career as a working actor. He currently lives in Los Angeles and stars in a Youtube news satire show called ‘The State of Us’ with former CHiPS members Robert Stephens, Ben Greene, and CC Pearce. Alex also likes to paint.

Austin “Practisimo” Stanion

Member: 2009-2012

Now: Austin is living and working in Downtown Las Vegas trying to make Downtown the coolest place ever. He spends his days locking his bike to pole-like objects, having his bike wheels stolen, and then hunting down the stolen wheels (he usually finds them).

Ben Greene

Member: 2007-2009

Now: Living in Los Angeles, trying to be a TV writer. Spends his time writing for the YouTube news show The State of Us, and making video sketches with the group Hamilton 100.

Brandon “Pi Girafalson” Rafalson

Brandon Rafalson

Bio: Brandon “Bolero” Rafalson is about to graduate from UNC.  He likes writing fan fiction for timeless novels. He has most recently completed a speculative fiction adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, in which Ogonwko must fight against the evil Desert Sky Pirates and their claw-armed and closet bi-curious captain, Alonzo Cortez.  “Why?  WHY, does Brandon need to go,” you might be thinking. To that Brandon might reply, “Parce que, ma chérie, Chicago m’appelle comme une rêve je ne peux pas refuser.”  And then he would stare into your eyes with a profound sense of knowing.  You have wonderful eyes.

CC Pearce

Member: 2005-2007

Now: Lives in LA and works at Vuguru, also is part of a comedy production called The Outside Joke.

Doug Harris

Member: 2010-2011

Now: Doug is an actor living in New York City, because he likes to spend his time being really freakin’ original. He spends his time reading, writing, and keeping a very close eye on legislation dealing with minimum wage.

Evan Fischer


Member: 2014-2015

Bio: The cutest patootie this side of the missisip. This cabbage patch kid will take you to the end of the rainbow and back. Collect all 5.

Hillary “Hillsby” Nicholas

Member: 2007-2010

Now: After graduating UNC,  Hillary got her masters from University of Arizona as well as coached an improv team there (The Charles Darwin Experience). She now works as a water resources scientist in Research Triangle Park, and is still improv-ing at DSI Comedy Theatre!

Jacob “&Steak;” Williams

Member: 2011-2012

Now: Jacob is an actor and writer in New York City, but is also a full-time body-builder, Mustachionaire, and Oregon Trail bandit.  He is active in Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Ground UP Productions in New York City, and is likely currently trying to figure out how to make “I Need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler his ringtone.  He was voted “Most Likely to be President” in high school.

Jay Putnam


Member: 2012-2015

Bio: Jay Vivian Putnam  enjoys playing music, occasionally exercising, and is an avid fan of the summer Olympics. You can often find Jay looking pensively throughout the library conveniently avoiding the mound of homework that sits before him. But hey, the pensive look seems like he is thinking real hard, right? Jay is OBSESSED with popcorn.

Jillian Vogel

Member: 2008-2012

Now: Lives in Brooklyn, NY. Tweet at her and she won’t notice for a few days @statingDobvious. She currently works with CollegeHumor Media Film/TV.

Jonathan Hebert


Member: 2013-2015

Bio: Jonathan grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and trained at the DSI Comedy theatre for many years. At the age of 10 he broke the state fair record for most prizes set aflame in under an hour, getting a new security fair squad (The Jonathan Hebert Plush Fire Prevention Squad) named after him! Good for you Jonathan!!

Jordan Humphrey

Member: 2012-2013

Bio: Jordan Humphrey was born on a rainy day, weighing 11 lbs. He has since, spent his life accumulating useless skills such as juggling, handstanding, reading, and writing. At UNC, Humphrey is involved in the Phree Phood Listserv and is the artistic coordinator for the New-Age Old School Rap Group, where he writes lyrics about tapping into spiritual realm through honest hard-work. Humphrey hopes, to one day, become himself and when asked how he will tackle this feat, he answered “I will do whatever it takes.”

Josh Sharpe

Member: 2006-2009

Bio: Josh performs the Harold with “Spooky Ghost”, a house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  His two-man show “MANEATER:  The True Story of the Champawat Tigress” and his experimental showcase “Cool Shit/Weird Shit” are also featured shows at UCB.  He performs hour-long improvised one-acts in the style of prominent playwrights with The IMPROVISED Play every Monday at the SoHo Playhouse.  He won a raffle at a rodeo in 3rd grade and received a cowboy hat that didn’t fit.  Okay, that’s all the credits.

Katie “Gold Star” Perry

Member: 2010-2013

Bio: Katie Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Perry grew up around gospel music. She first gained recognition with the release of her first mainstream album, One of the Boys in 2008, which spawned three Billboard Hot 100 top-ten songs—”I Kissed A Girl”, “Hot n Cold” and “Waking Up In Vegas”. Perry was married to British comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012. In 2012, Perry was ranked at number fourteen on Billboard’s list of top moneymakers of 2011, grossing more than $11 million.

Kevin Spellman


Member: 2012-2015

Bio: Kevin was born in in June, loves going to the beach, and rides bikes to class sometimes. His pastimes include but aren’t limited to using the internet, going out on the weekends, and rehearsing with his one-man band. His BPM is ridiculously high.

Kristin Elliott


Member: 2006-2008

Kristin works in Rhode Island now, which is weird. She works with kids, and performs when asked.

Matt Harris

Member: 2010-2011

Now: Matt spends his time in the tree service industry, as illustrated in this picture. He also lives around Chapel Hill and works with Carolina Performing Arts. Sometimes he comes and dicks around with current CHiPs and help us with our shows and trees. Mostly trees.

Margaret Burrus

Margaret Burrus

Member: 2013-2014

Bio: Margaret loves to dance, kiss, and smile. She has six cats and a collection of polynesian treefrogs. She placed #2 in the “Little miss Lovely Connecticut” Contest. We like her very much.

Miles Bonsignore

Miles Bonsignore

Member: 2012-2015

Bio: Miles studies acting and wishes to become a professional waiter, preferably at a place that sells like really good vegan food, but isn’t super douchey. He likes drinking too much coffee and yelling at everybody. Also biking around on his totally sweet bike. Furthermore, he has shaken Brian McElhaney’s hand, and been like 2 feet from Amy Poehler. 2 feet guys.

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Member: 2013

Bio:  Mike was born a sailor, and will die a sailor. When asked “How can you do it?” Mike replied “I will grab it by the face and kiss it on the lips”. Michael Vivian Edwards plans on travelling to china one day to search for his daughter Miriam. If you are reading this Miriam, wait at the well at dawn. Mike also loves planters peanuts!! He is a cuddly little boy.

Paul Ashton


Member: 2015

BIO: Paul is a no-nonsense cop who toes the company line. In his free time, he likes to run in the park, slide down slides, and be a no-nonsense cop who toes the company line.

Russell Johnson

Member: 2007-2009

Now: Russell is currently getting his PhD in religion and philosophy at the University of Chicago. Because he’s a filthy traitor, he coached improv for two years at Duke Divinity School and taught them all of CHiPs’ secrets.

 Shand Thomas


Member: 2014-2015

Bio: Websters dictionary defines SHAND as “Word not found, did you mean hand?” She’s a wonderful puppy.

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