Alumni Not Yet Formatted

This is where we put our alumni who were on the current players page, but we haven’t formatted their profiles to the alumni page yet. It’s a work in progress!

Mitch Dare


BIO: Mitch is a champion water skiier from South Burbank, China. He doesn’t talk much, and is allergic to nuts. He’s also abroad all the time, in like Alaska? I dunno. He also loves factories because they create stacks of smoke. 

Bobby Decker

bobby chip

BIO: If you’re looking for a bodyguard or a hitman, Bobby Decker is not your guy. His gentle smile and boyish charm will spin you head over heels. Catch him on 30 Rock as the guy with the funny hats.

Isabelle DeWitt


BIO: Hard hitting reporter with a good attitude and a great smile, this CHiP has got it all. If you are looking for a new hero, YOU FOUND HER. Its Isabelle. Writer on SNL 2001-2004.

Caroline Easom


BIO: Caroline acts in plays and is a champion bridge builder. Pulitzer in 2008, Stenhaiser award for excellence in 2009. She is one SMART bridge builder. She’s one spicy meatball.

Luke Miller


Director, Fall 2015

BIO: Luke was raised in Compton, CA and cemented his role as the King of West Coast Rap when he released his breakthrough album good kid, m.A.A.D city. Luke loves cats, and thinks they are even better than muffins. Download a pop-up blocker where his face goes on each ad at 

Casey Moore

Casey chips

BIO: Watch out for Casey Moore, because she’s the toughest girl on the school playground. With a punch and a kick, she’ll take your lunch money before you can say “HEY WATCH IT.” Founder of the Federal Reserve.

Natalie Myrick

natalie chips

BIO: Natalie was born in a barn and now lives in the big city of Chapel Hill. Heiress to the Natural Light Brewery Fortune, she spends her money like it’s nothing and makes it rain. Actually, it’s almost like she makes it rain that sweet yellow brewski.

Connor Sturgis


BIO: Connor was Will Ferrell’s body guard for 3 years, but was fired for quoting Elf too much. Connor’s best friend is Danny Devito, and he makes a killer omelet. He’s also Steve Jobs’ son.