Current Players

Max Taylor

max hat.PNG

Director, Fall 2018

BIO: Max enjoys long walks in public parks with features of significant art historical value. His lifelong dream has been to attend graduate school in Texas.

Ross Gaines

ross skelly.PNG

BIO: Every day is a staycation when you’re adding value left and right to whatever organization is lucky enough to employ you.

Mihir Shah

mihir shah grab.PNG

BIO: Look at Mihir. He loves you deeply and profoundly. You have never found someone like this before and you never will find someone like this again.

Gardner Davis

gardner pic.png

BIO: Found on the red line in Chicago, Gardner’s favorite cheese is Roquefort.

Lauren Talley

lauren talley.png

BIO: A twenty is chump change to Lauren. She’s rolling with the big shots. When not hanging in yuppie bars on the Upper East Side, she’s at La Rez with her brethren.

Patrick Clinch

pat on circ close.png

BIO: Patrick is the most hardened criminal in this organization. He got his last name from what he does with his fists when he’s about to smoke a fool. Oh, wait, that’s clench.

Jameson Blount

jameson blunt.png

BIO: Try not to laugh at Jameson’s condition. He is very sensitive about it. It is hard for him to break into the world of comedy because he is chemically unable to laugh.

Bridget MacPherson

bridget bean.png

BIO: Ahoy, mateys! Bridget be a fierce and formidable opponent in the quest to conquer the seven seas. She sometimes swabs the poop deck backwards just to flex on a landlubber.

George Gildehaus

g insane.png

BIO: [Personality Pending]

Hope Cary

hope grainy ok.png

BIO: Named after the hit sequel to a 1988 early-autumn blockbuster, Hope Cary is an aspiring arthropod physician. Every stair she climbs is one step closer to achieving the fitness achievement on smelter quest scrolls online.

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