August 29th Callbacks

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to CHiPs auditions tonight! We had a ton of fun, and loved watching you all play. 

We’d love to see the following people tomorrow night at 8pm in Union room 2423. If your name is not on the list below, please don’t stop doing improv. We’d love to see you again next semester!

Perry Morrison III
Jerome Allen
Casey Brecher
Sarah Farrell
Teddy Pineda
Joe Townsend
Caroline Easom
Luke Miller
Allana Geoffrion
Ora DeKornfeld
Bennett Hammock
Elliott Darrow
Clay Ballard
Paige Holmes
Chloe Ladd
Marcy Mcclan
Robert Baker
Evan Fischer
David McDonald
Eddie Freitas
Emily Morris
Wesley Darling
Lucy Banny

Thanks again to all!